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The Primitive Pile-dwelling of Li Nationality in Hainan and Transition

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DOI: 10.25236/ecomhs.2019.166


Xiong Hongli

Corresponding Author

Xiong Hongli


Pile-dwelling of the Li nationality in Hainan are living fossils in the history of Chinese architecture. In this paper, Wuzhishan Chubao Village is taken as the main field investigation point, and the origin of the original pile-dwelling of the Li Nationality, the evolution clues and changes of the pile-dwelling in the Li Nationality area are analyzed. After a long historical evolution, the primitive pile-dwelling of the Li Nationality has been hard to adhere to in its degeneration, and its "primitiveness" has gradually disappeared. The establishment of the Li nationality pile-dwelling cultural and ecological protection zone will help the inheritance of the pile-dwelling culture, but the original pile-dwelling village that no longer lives will inevitably be annihilated in the development of the times. Studying the original pile-dwelling of the Li nationality plays a vital role in protecting and developing the Li culture and creating the national characteristics of the international tourist island.


Li nationality, Pile-dwelling, Transition