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Discussion on the Application of Regional Culture in Environmental Design

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DOI: 10.25236/ecomhs.2019.165


Yaoben Gong

Corresponding Author

Yaoben Gong


Full understanding of the environment itself is propitious to improve the level of design in environmental art design. The understanding thinking of regional environment should be the same as that of the whole artistic design, and an effective understanding of the environment itself should be achieved. Only in this way can more excellent works be designed. At the same time, a very ideal design effect can be achieved in combination with the environment itself. For environmental art design, if we want to design better, we need to analyze the design thinking in a deeper level and increase the understanding of regional culture, so that relevant designers can more fully inherit and develop regional differentiation. Therefore, in view of the characteristics of regional culture and the influence factors of environmental design, this paper puts forward specific measures for the development and inheritance of environmental art design in the process of regional differentiation.


Regional culture, environmental art design, application of regional culture