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Comparative Analysis of the Management of Chinese and Foreign Poverty Alleviation Funds Based on Social Network Analysis

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DOI: 10.25236/ecomhs.2019.155


Lu Hong

Corresponding Author

Lu Hong


China's poverty alleviation work has lasted for more than 20 years and created some miracles of poverty alleviation. However, poverty alleviation in China is long-term, arduous and complex. Strengthening the management of poverty alleviation funds and promoting poverty alleviation is an important task of poverty alleviation in China. This paper takes finance as the core of the study, and makes a comparative analysis of the management and operation of funds between China and foreign countries based on social network method. Analyze the problems existing in the operation of financial poverty alleviation funds, put forward the management and management methods of financial poverty alleviation funds, improve the efficiency and management quality of financial poverty alleviation funds, and provide some reference and help for relevant researchers. From the perspective of evolution, the theme of poverty alleviation research at home and abroad has been diversified and the research perspective has become increasingly microscopic. Form a dynamic identification mechanism for poverty-stricken areas and poor people; establish a fair and perfect incentive mechanism and accountability mechanism; establish and improve a monitoring and evaluation mechanism for financial poverty alleviation funds.


Poverty Alleviation Fund Management at Home and Abroad, Operating Fund Management, Comparative Analysis