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Research on the Development Characteristics and Management Model of Commercial Fitness Club Based on Information Platform

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DOI: 10.25236/ecomhs.2019.153


Xiaojing Zhou

Corresponding Author

Xiaojing Zhou


Since the establishment of our country's first commercial fitness club, its industry has developed rapidly, and has made considerable progress in the type, scale and management mode of operation. Commercial fitness clubs generally implement membership system, and their service products consist of core products, expected products and extended products. Under the strong development trend, many founders of commercial fitness clubs are concerned about maximizing profits, without considering the future development line of enterprises. Internal management is a key factor in the success and development of modern enterprises. Effective internal management for health clubs is also an important factor affecting their sustainable development. This paper analyzes the current situation of China's commercial fitness club management based on information platform. Suggestions and suggestions for the development of commercial fitness clubs in China. At the same time, I hope to promote the improvement of the relevant regulations of the health club business.


Commercial Fitness Club, Industry Development, Internal Management