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Study on the Inheritance of National Music Culture under the Theory of Multicultural Music Education

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DOI: 10.25236/ecomhs.2019.149


Zhang Ming

Corresponding Author

Zhang Ming


China is a large cultural country with a long history, and its national culture is colorful. Especially in music, China is a multi-ethnic country. Consequently, music culture also takes on various forms, and has developed into an important part of international music culture. However, there are many excellent national music, but not enough attention in modern music education. Most music education pays more attention to learning foreign music culture, resulting in music education in the West music education has become the main content. The national music that China owns has been marginalized. Therefore, this paper analyzes the importance of the inheritance of national music in contemporary multicultural music education, in the hope that contemporary music educators can pay attention to the education and inheritance of national music culture.


Multicultural music education, National music culture, Inheritance