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The Construction of Brand Personality Dimensions of Fresh E-commerce Platform from the Perspective of Consumption Perception

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DOI: 10.25236/ecomhs.2019.148


Xu Zu, Zhili Zhou, Pengfei Li, Zhengjie Zhang

Corresponding Author

Zhengjie Zhang


Driven by the competition in the fresh e-commerce market and the demand of consumers, China's fresh e-commerce platform is paying more and more attention to the construction and development of brand personality. Considering the particularity of the fresh e-commerce market, the existing brand personality dimension scale is difficult to accurately measure the brand of fresh e-commerce platform. In view of this, based on the existing brand personality scale, combined with consumer perception, design There are 5 dimensions of “Benevolence, Wisdom, Courage, Music, and elegance” and a brand personality scale of 21 characteristic words. Finally, from the theoretical and practical significance, it puts forward feasible suggestions for the brand personality of China's fresh e-commerce platform.


Fresh E-commerce platform, Brand personality, Consumption perception