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Analysis of Similarities and Differences between Cheerleading and Aerobics Training based on Comparative Research Method

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DOI: 10.25236/ecomhs.2019.140


Yang Peng

Corresponding Author

Yang Peng


Aerobics and cheerleading are the synergy of fitness and beauty. They are both popular and popular sports. They are also new sports that embody youth, vigor, health, unity and cooperation. The development of the two sports cultures follows their respective cultural atmosphere, and the differences exist objectively. But because of the same external performance, most people think that cheerleading and aerobics have no difference or little difference. This paper analyzes the similarities and differences between aerobics and cheerleading exercise training methods through literature research methods and comparative analysis methods. By comparing and analyzing the similarities and differences of the training process of the two projects, in order to have a deeper understanding of the cheerleading and aerobics sports, it has a comprehensive understanding and understanding. It also continuously improves the theoretical level of coaches and athletes, promotes the rapid, healthy and orderly development of aerobics and cheerleading, and provides reference for theoretical researchers of aerobics and cheerleading.


Contrastive Study, Cheerleading, Aerobics, Training Process, Similarities and Differences Analysis