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Research on the Inheritance and Innovation of Guzheng Art Performance Techniques from the Perspective of Culture

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DOI: 10.25236/ecomhs.2019.138


Ying Liu

Corresponding Author

Ying Liu


Culture is a new term appearing in recent decades. It is well known for its deep influence, wide coverage of content and novel viewpoints of the times. Our modern society is in the background of cultural vision. Guzheng culture is the cultural product of social development. We find that there are still some limitations in guzheng performance from the practice of performance. With the exchanges and practice of various professions, Guzheng is based on the absorption of other musical instrument techniques, and under the constant innovation of musicians, some limitations of Guzheng have been improved step by step. Studies have shown that in the future study and performance, we must inherit the fine tradition of kites and art, and we must continue to innovate, and only grasp the relationship of dialectical unity. The kite art will have better and faster development. The zither art will be carried forward. Every piece of art must reach out to the tradition and reach out to the real life, so that tradition and innovation can coexist, and inheritance and innovation.


Culture, Guzheng, performance, Innovation