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Analysis on Linguistic Features and Cultural Connotation of English Euphemism

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DOI: 10.25236/ecomhs.2019.135


Zhiyuan Hou

Corresponding Author

Zhiyuan Hou


Euphemism is actually an alternative, that is, people use relatively sloppy, elegant words to express jealous, inconvenient, vulgar things. There are a large number of euphemisms in English and Chinese. By comparing and analyzing euphemisms in different fields, such as old age, death, poverty, and occupation, in these two languages, it can be seen that although euphemism is a common phenomenon in various languages, and the social customs, historical development, and culture of China and the West is different. There are obvious differences in many aspects such as traditions and values. It is reflected that the use of euphemisms and cultural connotations are not the same. Euphemism faithfully reflects the cultural characteristics of a nation.


English Euphemism, Linguistic Features, Cultural Connotation