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Aeroengine performance seeking control at Maxpower state based on Adaptive archives Management Multi-object PSO Algorithm

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DOI: 10.25236/matecc.2017.33


Feixiang Zhu, Benwei Li and hanqiang Song

Corresponding Author

Feixiang Zhu


Aero-engine may appear over-ride and over-temperature phenomenon in maximum military status while the performance deterioration has occurred. Those phenomenons imperil the structural stability and accelerate the performance deterioration of the aero-engine. In view of these problems, this paper considerate the performance demand of thrust, specific fuel consumption and surge margin synthetically. Research on the method to optimize and select the controlled quantity based on adaptive archives management multi-object PSO algorithm. It has been proved that the method can offer the optimal control quantity set, in addition, ensure the main optimization objective of aero-engine performance index, and give consideration to the another performance index while the aero-engine has be ensured work in the safe and reliable state.


Adaptive archives Management Multi-object PSO Algorithm, Optical control, Aero-engine, Performance seeking control.