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Research and Development of Huili Green Pottery Based on School-Enterprise Cooperation Platform

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DOI: 10.25236/ecomhs.2019.130


Zheng Jian

Corresponding Author

Zheng Jian


Huili County is located in the south end of Liangshan Prefecture, Huili Province. It has historically been an important commercial and cultural transportation town on the border between Huili and Yunnan. In order to further understand the local national culture. Based on the platform of school-enterprise cooperation, the author studied the research and development of Huili green pottery. The study found that the pottery there was named "Meeting Green Pottery" because of its special chemical composition and mineral composition, so the pottery pieces it used to produce a variety of green. It is also because of its unique geographical location, which has created a distinctive Han-Bao border national culture that is different from the Bayu and different from the Chu.


School-Enterprise Cooperation, Meeting, Green Pottery