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Manufacturing and Application of Numerical Control Equipment for Template of Nano-Carbon Granule Superhydrophobic Deposition

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DOI: 10.25236/matecc.2017.32


Guangrui Shang, Yan Li

Corresponding Author

Guangrui Shang


The preparation of superhydrophobic template using flame which contains Nano-carbon particles is one of the methods of surface modification. However it is difficult to keep the uniformity of the template. In this paper, the superhydrophobic template device of NC with Nano-carbon particles layer was designed and produced. It has been shown by SEM imagines that the deposition layer on the substrate of glass and stainless steel consisting Nano-carbon particles by burning kerosene, soybean oil and candles respectively is uniformity and the static contact angles is more than 150°. It gives a novel idea for fabricating superhydrophobic template.


Numerical Control, Template, Uniformity, Superhydrophobicy.