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Research on the Impact of Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) on Enterprise Development

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DOI: 10.25236/ecomhs.2019.118


Mao Hongtao

Corresponding Author

Mao Hongtao


Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) is an effective index to measure and evaluate the quality of social and economic operation, which can reflect the situation of social and economic operation comprehensively and accurately. Customer satisfaction index has a very close relationship with GDP, personal consumption expenditure growth, stock market changes and other economic indicators. Only by winning customers can we win the market and profit. CSI has a strong correlation with many macroeconomic indicators. The CSI assessment system is a complex system, and its evaluation is also a complex system engineering. This paper analyzes the status quo of customer satisfaction research at home and abroad, introduces the achievements, points out its shortcomings, and proposes improvement measures based on the actual situation.


Customer Satisfaction Index, Operation Quality, Economic Index