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The Artistic and Cultural Characteristics and Inheritance of Dance in Han Dynasty

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DOI: 10.25236/ecomhs.2019.116


Geng Jun

Corresponding Author

Geng Jun


The Han Dynasty was the peak of the development of "popular music and dance" in the history of ancient Chinese dance. The form of dance, influenced by "hundred operas", embodied the characteristics of folk art such as artistry, entertainment and performance. Through the analysis, we can find that the artistic characteristics of dance in the Han Dynasty were retained in the existing folk dances through adjustment, which also reflects the characteristics of the historical inheritance of most folk dances. The Han Dynasty dance art has a high aesthetic value. There is art in the art, skill in the art, skill and skill, and the beauty of the combination of beauty and ugliness creates a profound artistic conception. With special historical and cultural characteristics, it is the representative of the Han Dynasty dance. It is an endless stage of dance art, creating many excellent and beautiful dance works.


Dance in Han Dynasty, Art, Cultural Characteristics