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Study on the Cultural Protection of Ancient Villages under the Background of Rapid Rural Urbanization

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DOI: 10.25236/ecomhs.2019.115


Feng Xingyu

Corresponding Author

Feng Xingyu


As a social and historical phenomenon, urbanization is not only the embodiment of material civilization progress, but also the motive force of spiritual civilization progress. In recent years, the state has paid more attention to the protection and promotion of ancient culture, and ancient village culture has become an important scenic spot for many towns to develop their economy. This paper focuses on the rapid rural urbanization as the background, and deeply discusses the cultural protection of ancient villages under the background of rapid rural urbanization. Only by protecting the interests of the peasants can we truly protect the ancient villages. In the process of protection, we must pay attention to the concept of protecting ancient villages, promote scientific and rational development, and improve the cultural relics protection system.


Urbanization, Ancient Villages, Economic Development