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Tourism Destination Marketing Model Innovation Based on Tourism Big Data

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DOI: 10.25236/ecomhs.2019.114


Ding Chen

Corresponding Author

Ding Chen


In the modern context, in order to promote the development of rural areas and realize the policy of getting rid of poverty and getting rich, under the guidance of government forces, all rural areas have begun to carry out tourism industrialization construction. This construction can theoretically make full use of rural areas. Characteristic resources, avoiding waste of resources, and effectively achieving regional income generation, and compatible with other industries for common development. In fact, to achieve regional income generation, it is necessary to understand the needs of market users through tourism big data technology. Based on the establishment of the corresponding marketing model, but this performance in the modern tourism industrialization construction is relatively small, so in order to avoid the blindness of model construction, this paper will analyze this.


Tourism Big Data, Tourism Destination, Marketing Model