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Full-scale Measurement of Wind-field of Civil Engineering Structure

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DOI: 10.25236/matecc.2017.31


Huang Yuhao

Corresponding Author

Huang Yuhao


This paper makes use of the wind-field full-scale measurement system of civil engineering structure which is based on wireless sensor technology and developed independently, conducts monitoring of the wind speed and direction of the large-longspan cover of the national stadium, and gets the wind-field full-scale measurement. Therefore, such characteristic parameters as average wind speed and direction, gustiness factor, scale of turbulence and pulsating wind power spectrum are got. Through the analysis of the measured data, the results show that there are relative differences between the wind-field on the large-longspan cover and the natural incoming flow characters, which manifests that the non-gaussian characteristic is obvious, the turbulence intensity is larger, the pulsating wind speed power spectrum reaches the peak at higher frequency, and the fluctuation characteristics of the pulsations in space are weak; this paper has proved from the perspective of field measurement.


Feld measurement, National stadium, Power spectrum, Scale of turbulence.