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Discussion on the Development Mode of Cross-border E-commerce in the "Belt and Road" Economic Zone

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DOI: 10.25236/ecomhs.2019.111


Chen Guixiang

Corresponding Author

Chen Guixiang


With the Belt and Road as the development background of the times, the cross-border e-commerce business has also developed. In general, cross-border e-commerce fundamentally breaks the boundaries between time and space, and can further realize the close transactions between consumers and operators. This kind of transaction is completely free in theory. As a big country in cross-border trade, China has become a core force in the process of bilateral trade between many countries and plays a vital role. In this paper, the author takes the Belt and Road and cross-border e-commerce as the entry point, and actively explores the cross-border e-commerce development model of the Belt and Road Economic Zone.


Belt and Road, economic zone, cross-border e-commerce