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Analysis on Bidding Mode of Power Plants in Power Market Environment

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DOI: 10.25236/ecomhs.2019.109


Wang Shuo, Peng Xiuyan

Corresponding Author

Peng Xiuyan


With the rapid development of the social economy, in the current market, it is necessary to establish a foothold and develop the industry economy. Reform has become a necessary path. Especially in the modernized market, if the technology is not reformed and updated, it will be eliminated. The power market is no exception. Due to the rapid development of technology, a new competition mechanism has been gradually introduced in the current power market. The introduction has brought greater risks and pressures to power companies. In order to ensure the stable development of power companies in the current society, China has proposed to complete the separation of plant and network to help power companies solve the problem of difficult benefits. The purpose is to analyze the bidding mode of power plants in the power market environment.


Electricity market environment, power plant bidding, online mode analysis