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Analysis of International Trade Friction and Barriers to Trade in Services Based on Financial Crisis

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DOI: 10.25236/ecomhs.2019.105


Linjia Fan

Corresponding Author

Linjia Fan


At present, while vigorously promoting the opening of the service market, developed countries have set up barriers to trade in services to protect their own markets. Based on the financial crisis, the author studies and analyses the international trade frictions and barriers to trade in services. After research, it is found that the development of this trade can protect the domestic market, and its blocking effect on international trade in services is becoming more and more obvious, which has aroused widespread concern of all countries. Studies have shown that to promote the further development of China's service trade and accelerate the pace of China's foreign trade growth mode, we not only need to improve the international competitiveness of the service industry. More needs us to understand the characteristics of international trade barriers to improve resilience.


Financial Crisis, International Trade Friction, Service Trade Fortress