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Wang Yuanqi and His Painting Art

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DOI: 10.25236/ecomhs.2019.103


Shuang Wang

Corresponding Author

Shuang Wang


Wang Yuanqi, one of the "Four Kings" in the Qing Dynasty, established his own complete painting theory system. His painting theory thought of "learning, worshipping and going out of the past" is worth re-examining and researching today. Chinese painting always pays attention to the study and inheritance of tradition. Zhao Mengfu's "preservation of ancient ideas" in the Yuan Dynasty, Dong Qichang's "taking the ancients as teachers" in the Ming Dynasty and Wang Shimin's "sharing the nostrils with the ancients" all regard "imitation of the ancients" as a way to learn the tradition. For the contemporary art reality, it cannot be said that it is a very important reminder and warning. Therefore, the re-examination of Wang Yuanzhang’s painting theory seems to be of special significance.


Wang Yuanqi, Painting Art, Antique