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The Combination Transition Development of Mongolian Music from the Perspective of Music Combination

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DOI: 10.25236/ecomhs.2019.101


Meng Dongqi

Corresponding Author

Meng Dongqi


Mongolian folk songs are an important part of Mongolian music culture. In addition, the economic openness plays an important role in the economic development of Mongolia in the transition period, and the opening effect mainly comes from the import openness. From the perspective of music combination, the author analyzed and discussed the development trend of Mongolian music combination transformation. Studies have shown that the Mongolian music combination is the transformation of traditional ethnic music culture in the contemporary era, and it is the inheritance and development of Mongolian national culture. In the process of continuous improvement of music, the development of music composition is constantly promoted. The interaction and mutual promotion between the two forms the unique dance and music art style of the Mongolian people today.


Musical Combination Horizon, Mongolian, Transformational Development