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Analysis on the Linkage and Integration Development Model of "Rural Tourism"+ "Rural E-commerce"

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DOI: 10.25236/ecomhs.2019.097


Mao Li, Li Xin, Ye Huijuan1

Corresponding Author

Mao Li


Rural tourism e-commerce and agricultural e-commerce promote each other and develop together. Both of them have jointly promoted the economic growth of the vast rural areas, which is in line with China's "three rural" policy. Under the background of the "Internet plus" era, how to effectively promote the development of rural electricity providers and establish a long-term linkage mechanism is the key to the transformation of rural economy and the development of "three rural issues". This paper starts from the background of the development of rural tourism based on the linkage development model of “village tourism”+ “rural electricity supplier”, analyzes the necessity and dilemma of developing rural tourism e-commerce under this model, and then from e-commerce platform, compound talents, etc. In this aspect, we explore the strategy of rural tourism e-commerce development under this model, with a view to promoting the sustained and rapid development of rural tourism e-commerce, increasing farmers' income and prospering the rural economy.


Rural Tourism, Rural E-Commerce, Linkage Integration