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Development Ways of Sports Tourism Industry under "Intelligent Sports"

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DOI: 10.25236/ecomhs.2019.095


Wen Huachen, Guo Tingluo

Corresponding Author

Guo Tingluo


The integration of tourism industry has a high degree of openness and comprehensive benefits. With the continuous development of industrial integration mode, sports tourism industry has risen quietly. Cooperative innovation is the internal driving force to promote the continuous development of sports tourism industry. At the present stage, the further commercialization of sports tourism is restricted by the cognitive deviation of consumer groups, the insufficiency of product development and innovation, the backwardness of relevant laws and regulations, and the shortage of relevant talents. Therefore, we must formulate a reasonable development strategy based on the development trend of sports tourism. Smart sports are characterized by numerical, intelligent and networked; the development of sports tourism industry still has problems in planning, development, sales and publicity. It is recommended to establish a sports tourism official website, design sports tourism related software, and integrate different sales models to build an online marketing platform.


Intelligent Sports, Sports Tourism Industry, Development