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Exploration on the Innovative Development Direction of the Integration of Sports and Tourism Industry

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DOI: 10.25236/ecomhs.2019.094


Wen Ji, Jinxia Xue

Corresponding Author

Jinxia Xue


With the development of economy and the improvement of people's living standard, people's demand for sports and tourism activities is increasing gradually. Sports tourism activities which integrate the two activities are beginning to be popular. The integration of sports and tourism industry will become a new trend. This paper studies the integration of sports and tourism industry and its innovation mechanism. Sports has the natural advantages of integration with the tourism industry, and is an important foundation and resource of the tourism industry; sports has an infiltration and promotion effect on the tourism industry, and the tourism industry has a causal and diffusion effect on sports. The integration process of the two is the new industry value chain. Value-added process. China's sports industry and tourism industry are rapidly developing in a good direction in their respective fields. At the same time, the continuous integration of these two industries is also developing in a diversified direction.


Sports and Tourism, Industrial Integration, Innovative Development