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Marketing Analysis and Strategies of High-quality Hotels

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DOI: 10.25236/ecomhs.2019.092


Yu Wang

Corresponding Author

Yu Wang


With the development of global tourism, the ideology of hotel products has become more diversified. In the past, consumers pursued functions and general consumption orientation. Nowadays, we prefer to experience brand-new experiential elements, and regard personality products and services as the basic criteria for choosing hotels. The birth of boutique hotels is precisely because they can fully realize consumers' self-worth and personality experience. As a brand-new hotel industry, boutique hotels have been favored by more and more high-quality and high-income tourists and business people, and have also become a hot investment in the hotel industry. The article combines the development of boutique hotels at home and abroad, summarizes the characteristics of boutique hotels, and tries to make a preliminary concept determination for boutique hotels. Through the analysis of the current situation of the development of Chinese boutique hotels, the analysis of the operating environment of boutique hotels points out the advantages and main problems of the development of boutique hotels in China. The business strategy and development direction are put forward to provide guidance for the theoretical innovation and actual operation of the boutique hotel.


Boutique hotel, marketing, marketing mix