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Design and Implementation of an Electric-driven Self-propelled Handling Equipment

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DOI: 10.25236/matecc.2017.29


Chi Ruijuan, Hu Tao,Li Han, Du Yuefeng, Zhang Zhen, Xie Bin

Corresponding Author

Chi Ruijuan


In view of the present situation that the automation level of handling equipment for bagged agricultural materials in railway transportation is low in China, a specific electric-driven self-propelled handling equipment was designed, which can move automatically in the narrow train carriage to transport bagged agricultural materials. The handling equipment was mainly composed of steel frame structure, and used six wheels with dual driving wheels in center, an independent driving unit with two motors. The control system was designed based on Freescale K60, it can realize the straight moving and the in-situ steering through the infrared remote control. Then the handling equipment was manufactured and tested. The experimental results showed that the designed electric-driven self-propelled handling equipment could run reliably by the infrared remote control, and it has preferable load performance and possibility. It can realize the in-situ steering with little space, meeting the requirements of transporting bagged agricultural materials in narrow train carriage. The design can provide reference for the modernization of agricultural material logistics equipment, and provide a preliminary experimental platform for further study of the automatic control of agricultural materials handling equipment.


Electric-driven self-propelled, Bagged agricultural materials transportation, Train carriage, Handling equipment, Control system.