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Research on the Development Modes of Urban Type Modern Agriculture

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DOI: 10.25236/ecomhs.2019.091


Wuge Li

Corresponding Author

Wuge Li


The development of urban-type modern agriculture is the inevitable choice of urbanization and industrialization development and meets the requirements of new consumer demand of the development of urban and rural integration. At present, modern urban agriculture has entered a critical development period. With the multi-functional development as the center, the agricultural infrastructure construction has been continuously improved, the agricultural structure has been continuously optimized and the comprehensive agricultural production capacity has been significantly improved. The application level of agricultural science and technology innovation is in the leading position in the country. Under this background, the research on urban modern agriculture is helpful to comprehensively grasp the development level of urban-type modern agriculture from domestic and abroad and provides reference for the further development of agriculture.


Development Modes, Urban Type, Modern Agriculture