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Research on Optimization of Vehicle ABS System Based on Fuzzy PID Control

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DOI: 10.25236/matecc.2017.28


Tang Yan, Zhao Yupeng

Corresponding Author

Tang Yan


ABS quality directly affects the stability of vehicle braking and traffic safety, the current ABS in the robustness and adaptability need to be improved. Aiming at the shortcomings of the traditional fuzzy control that due to the lack of integral part, so the system lack of steady state precision, the single model ABS system model is established in MATLAB / Simulink, and the adaptive fuzzy PID controller is designed by the improved algorithm. Input different road spectrum, in different speed conditions, then analysis of ABS control parameters of real-time multi-objective optimization of the braking effect. The results show that the responses speed of the system is 60% higher than that the traditional fuzzy control, and the steady - state precision and robustness are also improved obviously.


ABS, FuzzyPIDcontrol, Intelligent Algorithm, Multi-objective optimization.