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Research on the Integration of Urban Clusters, Industrial Clusters and Industrial Parks

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DOI: 10.25236/ecomhs.2019.078


Pang Juan

Corresponding Author

Pang Juan


Urban agglomeration has become an important fulcrum to enhance regional international competitiveness. Industrial agglomeration and diffusion, as the main influencing factors of urban agglomeration development, has been promoting the development of urban agglomeration. A new type of organization formed by a series of enterprises and related institutions around a leading industry. Economic ties and common organizational spirit are two indispensable factors. The emergence of industrial clusters around the world is an organizational manifestation at a specific stage of economic development, which plays an important role in promoting regional competitiveness. In the urban agglomeration, each city should be rationally positioned to define its position and role in the entire urban agglomeration. For industrial clusters that have formed local advantages, we must pay attention to the innovation of institutional culture to give play to the competitive advantages of industrial clusters. This paper analyzes the formation mechanism of different types of industrial clusters, and studies the integration development trend of urban agglomerations, industrial clusters and industrial parks.


Urban Clusters, Industrial Clusters, Coupling, Competitiveness