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Gift Definition of "Kabba" of Liangshan Yi Nationality

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DOI: 10.25236/ecomhs.2019.072


Jike Quri

Corresponding Author

Jike Quri


Starting from the conflict between etymology and concept of "kabba" gift, it is found that "kabba" conforms to the exchange relationship between gift gift and return in structure, while the one-way gift and the understanding of "no-return" deny the exchange from the perspective of autonomy of source. From the analysis of reward and instant return of "Kabba", we can not only get this argument, but also see that "Kabba" strategically transforms reward into reward to maintain the original status relationship between the two sides of the gift. Secondly, the subjective prominence of "Kabba" also reveals that the gift is characterized by artificial endowment, thus defining the gift as: a medium or a tool for expressing and adjusting interpersonal relationships under certain circumstances, characterized by exchange Subjective denial or neglect.


Yi Nationality, Gift, Kabba