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Design of real-time T-S fuzzy controller based on DSP and its application in Brushless DC motor control

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DOI: 10.25236/matecc.2017.26


Wu Lin, Ma Xiaofeng, Shi Fuming, Zhong Xin

Corresponding Author

Wu Lin


A simplified fuzzy control algorithm is proposed, which divides the input and output space of the system into a complete fuzzy pattern set. It also searches for the fuzzy mode corresponding to the real - time input. The whole system is simplified. On this basis, the fuzzy controller which cored as Digital signal processor (DSP) is designed and its DC brushless motor control applications is described. The experimental results show that the fuzzy controller has the characteristics of strong real-time performance, fast response and high precision.


Fuzzy control, Takagi-Sugeno model, Digital signal processor, Brushless DC motor.