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The Impact of Demographic Characteristics on Art Appreciation: Take Recitation Activities as an Example

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DOI: 10.25236/fmess.2017.15


Siming Wang

Corresponding Author

Siming Wang


Since 2008 when the first City Recitation Festival was held in Huli District, Xiamen Island’s recitation activities entered a stage of rapid development in general. The literature focusing on the impact of demographic characteristics on art appreciation is scarce, this study intends to bridge the gap, we use the method of questionnaire survey and empirical analysis to examine the impact of demographic characteristics on the conditions of watching recitation show, expecting to understand the development condition of recitation activities in Xiamen and making predictions on the future development direction. By analysing the existing documents and by conducting further statistical analyses, this study comes up with the conclusions that there is still space for the further development of Xiamen Island’s recitation activities, that some groups interested in recitation are still waiting to be stimulated, that the recitation training market needs to be further regulated and that it’s still not suggested to hold large recitation commercial performances or other similar activities.


Demographic characteristics, art appreciation, recitation activities.