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Research on Used Car Evaluation Methods Based on Performance Indicators Weighting Revising

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DOI: 10.25236/matecc.2017.25


Zhongke Xiang, Feifei Xiang

Corresponding Author

Zhongke Xiang


It is proposed in this paper based on the research of quantifiable indicators used car evaluation system, through to the assets evaluation theory is commonly used in four kinds of evaluation methods on the basis of comprehensive analysis, chose the quantifiable as used car appraisal method of the main theoretical basis, in comprehensive consideration of various factors influencing the used-car prices, on the basis of using the weight of performance indicators will be used car evaluation method is more reasonable design, through the determination of each performance index weights, the integrated use of the weighted coefficient method for the computation of the surplus value of the car can make the used-car evaluation is more quick and convenient, the evaluation process more transparent, to accelerate the process of the construction of the used car market in China. At the same time, also makes the second-hand evaluation has the theoretical basis, reduce the used-car evaluation difference caused by human factors, so that the used car evaluation more formal, more objectively reflect the residual value of second-hand cars.


Used car evaluation, Performance indicators, Weighting revising.