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Opportunities and Challenges for the Protection of Architectural Cultural Heritage of Traditional Village in the Big Data Era

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DOI: 10.25236/ecomhs.2019.050


Zhao Manli

Corresponding Author

Zhao Manli


Traditionally, China is an agricultural society. Village culture is not only a special relic, but also a non-material cultural relic. Computer-led data processing technology has gradually changed people's data processing methods, however, there are many shortcomings in information security. If information is leaked, it will cause great losses. At this time, it is crucial to protect information security in the era of big data. The author explores the opportunities and challenges of information security in the era of big data, and puts forward practical countermeasures to provide a reference for the improvement of information security protection in the era of big data. And the research shows that the architectural environment and intangible cultural heritage of traditional villages are mutually similar and mutually beneficial. Moreover, the correct understanding and understanding of the relationship between the two is the premise of maintaining cultural heritage in the protection and renewal of villages. Interaction, large amount of data, fast updating, and many kinds of data are the characteristics of big data, which is different from small data, so it arouses controversy in all aspects. Urban planners should grasp the development opportunities in the era of big data and constantly overcome challenges.


Big Data Age, Traditional Village Architecture, Cultural Heritage Protection, Opportunities and challenges