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A Study of Novel Creation Based on Comparative Literature

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DOI: 10.25236/ecomhs.2019.049


Ningning Wang

Corresponding Author

Ningning Wang


This paper aims to analyze the characteristics of novel creation from the perspective of comparative literature. This paper compares and studies the similarities in this respect, and explores the characteristics of writers' creation in order to provide a useful attempt for a more comprehensive and objective study. The need of the new literature era has exerted a strong simultaneous influence, aroused widespread social reaction, and led to a large number of similar novel creation to form a creative hotspot. It is hoped that through the deepening of the novel, we can change the misreading of the novels due to the mistranslation of the language and the incomplete understanding of the literary image, and provide valuable information for the works studied by the latecomers. The research shows that from the influence of accepting foreign literature, and finally returning to the tradition, the nationality and the world of literature are realized. Bringing a hundred years of Chinese writing to a new level, it provides a road to success for literary creations that can be borrowed from later generations.


Comparative Literature, Novels, Creation