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Research on the Development of Museum Creative Products from the Perspective of Regional Culture Based on Value Chain

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DOI: 10.25236/ecomhs.2019.048


Lu Fei, Wang Chen

Corresponding Author

Lu Fei


Museums, as the first batch of national first-class museums, have unique historical and cultural resources, but there are many shortcomings in the design of their creative products, such as fewer types of products, higher prices, and less prominent regional and cultural characteristics. In view of the characteristics of the influence of regional culture on the value of creative products, the value-added ability of creative products under the influence of regional culture is qualitatively analyzed. Through the value network model, it provides a new and practical path for the development of cultural museums in the history museum. In the cultural perspective, museums should pay attention to the authenticity of culture, and in creative design, the creative innovation should be enhanced by means of creative collection platform. The research shows that the experience of developing museum derivatives in different regions is studied and borrowed, and a new model for the development of museum cultural derivatives is proposed. That is, the museum product development model, derivative product development and creative design, derivative branding road, industry-university-research cooperation road and new marketing methods.


Value chain, Regional culture, Museum, Cultural products