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On the New Way Out to Build the Core Competitiveness of News Media

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DOI: 10.25236/ecomhs.2019.032


Mai Liying

Corresponding Author

Mai Liying


At present, information technology and Internet technology have developed greatly around the world, which have also brought great impact to the traditional journalism, and the journalism, taking paper and TV as the main medium, is facing a greater challenge. The competition between news media, whether domestic or international, becomes fiercer, and the news receivers also put forward higher requirements for the quality of news. Therefore, our news media need to make good use of the information technology and the Internet to complete the compilation and dissemination of news and let news to be disseminated more widely. Under such a background of times, we must make a reasonable assessment of the big background of times and the development prospects of the industry, focusing on improving the core competitiveness of the news media and allowing the journalism to achieve better development.


News media, core competitiveness, new way out