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Identification and Research on Seismite in Drill Cores of Gulong Sag of Songliao Basin

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DOI: 10.25236/matecc.2017.22


Jiang Shengguo

Corresponding Author

Jiang Shengguo


Based on the investigation of drill cores and surrounding geological setting, seismite is recognized in the first Member of Yaojia Formation of Cretaceous in Gulong Sag, and the vertical succession of seismite in the area is established. Several signal marks have been identified in seismite, such as liquefied sandstone dikes, micro-faults, seismic fissures, inconsistent rocks, load casts, eye-like structures etc. The discovery of seismite is not only a contribution to analyses on sedimentary environment and structural evolution, but also has a significant effect on reservoir-forming. seismic activity reduce the parameter of porosity and permeability, break up the better cap rocks, and the sandstone dikes, micro-faults and fissures vertically have a significant effect on the migration and accumulation of oil and gas.


Gulong Sag, Seismite, Drill cores, Signal marks, Vertical succession.