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Similarities and Differences of Chinese and Japanese Dietary Etiquettes

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DOI: 10.25236/ecomhs.2019.019


Hui Xu, Haizhan Wu, Xiaoyan Li

Corresponding Author

Hui Xu


As a neighbor of China, Japanese dietary culture, especially dietary etiquette, is deeply influenced by China. Japanese dietary etiquette has formed its own style on the basis of learning from Chinese etiquette and combining its own local etiquette. This paper introduces the similarities and differences of the two kinds of dietary etiquette from the aspects of the process before, during and after meals and the use of key Tableware chopsticks. By comparing the differences of dietary etiquette, we can understand and respect each other's dietary culture and etiquette, which is of great benefit to reducing cultural shock, eliminating psychological barriers, and promoting communication and effective transmission of information between communicators.


Similarities and differences of dietary, etiquette in dietary, culture