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Study on the Role of Art Works in Architectural Decoration

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DOI: 10.25236/ecomhs.2019.018


He Hua

Corresponding Author

He Hua


Art works are an important means of rendering the artistic atmosphere inside the architectural space in the process of architectural decoration design. They play an important role and significance in the development of architectural decoration. In fact, there are many contents in art works, such as paintings, murals, sculptures and so on. Art works can not only effectively enhance the artistic nature of architectural decoration, but also bring people enjoyment of vision and spirit, and provide a good living environment for people. Moreover, in the process of continuous development, art works have become a very important part of architectural decoration design. Only by fully demonstrating the value, charm and artistry of art works can we effectively improve the environment of the interior space of buildings. To promote the further development of China's architectural decoration.


Art Works, Architectural Decoration, Role and Effect Study