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Exploration of College Ideological and Political Education from the Perspective of Wang Yangming’s “Extension of Intuitive Knowledge”

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DOI: 10.25236/ecomhs.2019.001


Ma Liang

Corresponding Author

Ma Liang


Socialism with Chinese characteristics has stepped into a new era, and the ideological and moral construction has also entered a new stage of development. We should deeply explore the ideological concepts, humanistic spirit and moral standards contained in the excellent traditional Chinese culture, absorb the essence of the excellent ancient Chinese moral education, enhance the period feel and inheritance of the traditional culture, and provide new ideas and methods for the ideological and moral construction of China in the new era at the same time. Wang Yangming is the ancient Chinese Confucianism master of expunding ideas, morality and belief, and his moral education thought integrates ancient Chinese Confucianism, neo-confucianism and psychology. His moral practice theories such as “Unity of Knowing and Doing”, and “Extension of Intuitive Knowledge” not only enrich the ideological and political theory system of moral education in China, but also have strong times value. Studying Wang Yangming’s thought of moral education and its contemporary value is conducive to strengthening the cultural self-confidence of colleges, enhancing social cohesion, and providing a strong spiritual impetus for realizing the Chinese dream of great national rejuvenation.


Wang Yangming’s “Extension of Intuitive Knowledge”, college ideological and political education, moral education, research