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Research on Talent Training Model of Computer Application Technology Major Based on Demand Analysis

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DOI: 10.25236/iwedss.2019.355


Yong Xiao

Corresponding Author

Yong Xiao


This paper first analyzed the problems in the curriculum reform which higher vocational colleges has conducted to avoid "homogeneity" in major setting. Then it takes Hunan Vocational College of Modern Logistics as an example, showing the way in which colleges can set up a leading and perfect personnel training plan with its own characteristics based on refined post requirements through the analysis of market demand and learners needs. Based on this plan, a supporting set of flexible course system is established to train each student according to their professional requirements, as a result of which all of them can reach their potential. It is hoped that it can provide experience reference and feasible suggestions for the development of the same level vocational colleges.


Demand Analysis, Professional Development, Computer Application Technology