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Teaching Design of Economic Law Based on PBL Teaching Mode

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DOI: 10.25236/iwedss.2019.354


Wen Long

Corresponding Author

Wen Long


Vocational education is for all-round development and cultivation of practical skills. Each course of vocational education should reflect its professional characteristics and professional ability. As a professional basic course in vocational colleges for finance and economy, Economic Law covers various fields. How to retain the theoretical characteristics of Economic Law in the teaching practice, to connect it with other disciplines of finance and economics and to improve students' professional ability are a challenge that needs to be studied and discussed. Based on years of teaching experience, the author reflects on the problems existing in the teaching of Economic Law in higher vocational colleges. In this study, the author proposed the teaching design of the Economic Law course based on the PBL teaching mode, hoping to provide guidance to the teaching practice.


PBL, Teaching Mode, Economic Law, Teaching Design