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Research on the Optimization of Course Teaching Mode of Economic Laws in Higher Vocational Colleges

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DOI: 10.25236/iwedss.2019.353


Wen Long

Corresponding Author

Wen Long


Aiming at problems of poorly targeted teaching content of the Economic Law course, disconnection of teaching design, outdated syllabus, and classroom teaching theory detachment from practice in higher vocational education, this paper explores the optimization of the teaching mode of the Economic Law course in higher vocational colleges based on the fully relying on the industrial background of combination of learning with working, catering to the characteristics of the course content and the law of student learning, and grasping the concept of assessment reform. The specific implementations are reflected in three aspects: In teaching content, application of post work law and entrepreneurial law support need to be strengthened; In teaching methods, case-based teaching, teacher-student interaction and new media application should be improved; In the assessment system, paper assessment, debate assessment, comprehensive practice assessment, and professional quality assessment need to be explored and implemented to promote students’ legal awareness and ability.


Higher Vocational Education, Economic laws, Teaching Mode, Optimization