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Using Internet technology to promote "targeted poverty alleviation" in basic courses of higher education

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DOI: 10.25236/iwedss.2019.352


Changxiu Li, Neng Chen

Corresponding Author

Changxiu Li


In the Internet era, the reform of higher education is facing great challenges and opportunities while the basic course education in colleges and universities needs to change with The Times, take advantage of the situation, make full use of Internet technology, and realize the comprehensive and efficient utilization of higher education resources in China. Especially through the Internet technology to achieve the cooperation and common progress of China's institutions of higher learning to eliminate the large gap in basic education in China's institutions of higher learning. Using Internet technology to carry out "targeted poverty alleviation" of basic courses in colleges and universities can not only achieve quick results in a short term, but also be the inevitable choice for the future development of education in China, so as to improve the overall quality of colleges and universities in China and cultivate more high-quality talents.


Internet technology, Institutions of higher learning, Basic courses, Significance, Problems, Countermeasures