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Research on Market-oriented Training of Applied Undergraduates in Electronic Science and Technology

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DOI: 10.25236/iwedss.2019.349


Qingru Lu, Xiaowei Wang, Lifeng Xu

Corresponding Author

Qingru Lu


The current situation of industrial development and the problems in training applied talents of Electronic Science and Technology(EST) are discussed here. The characteristics and objectives of market-oriented talents training for EST have been established, and it is integrated circuit back-end application-oriented personnel training. Some optimizing and reforming measures have been implemented through reforming the training plan, creating characteristic laboratories, strengthening the training and promotion of teachers' professional ability, strengthening the training of students' applied ability and other aspects, and certain results have been achieved.. It improves the disconnection between industry and talent cultivation in Colleges and universities, and provides a good reference for the application-oriented talents cultivation of science specialty.


Electronic Science and Technology, Personnel Training, Market Oriented, Integrated Circuit