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A Study of English-Chinese Translation Mixed Classroom Teaching Strategies Based on MOOC and Mosoink Class Platform

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DOI: 10.25236/iwedss.2019.339


Xiaojing Huo

Corresponding Author

Xiaojing Huo


The application of MOOC and micro-course in English-Chinese translation hybrid classroom teaching is one of the important subjects of College English teaching reform under the background of application transformation in some universities in the information age. It also has practical demonstration value and reference value for promoting other course teaching reform. App teaching platform based on Mosoink Class can complete the design and implementation of teaching and learning in mobile environment. Multilateral real-time resource push, communication and sharing and feedback evaluation can be realized through mobile Internet of smart phones and other media, thus opening up a new mobile teaching experience. This paper analyses the necessity and superiority of applying MOOC, micro-course and Mosoink Class platform to English-Chinese translation hybrid classroom teaching. Referring to the flipped teaching mode of “self-media cloud connection”, combining with the verification case of pyramid theory and the practice of hybrid one-drag-three-English-Chinese translation rolling training, this paper discusses the hybrid classroom teaching of English-Chinese translation based on MOOC and Mosoink Class platform. Strategies for Implementing Learning.


MOOC, Micro-class, Mosoink class, English-Chinese translation, mixed classroom teaching