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Exploring the Role and Application of AWL (Academic Word List) in College English Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/iwedss.2019.330


Wang Wei

Corresponding Author

Wang Wei


Right now there are over 20 million students studying towards an academic degree in Mainland Chinese universities, according to the latest data from National Bureau of Statistics of China. A large fraction of these students will come into touch with foreign professionals or even decide to advance their qualifications abroad. As a result, many of these students follow an English for Academic Purpose (EAP) or English for Specific Purpose (ESP) course, that will enable them to deepen or share their discipline specific knowledge also internationally. This paper is going to review the role and applications of Academic Word List (AWL) and present the research investigating the AWL knowledge and perceptions of students from different disciplines in one mainland Chinese university.


AWL, EAP teaching, discipline –specific studies