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Strategies Research on Information Literacy Promotion of University Library Readers under the Background of MOOC

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DOI: 10.25236/iwedss.2019.329


Jianfei Hu, Bin Zhang, Yinong Zhang

Corresponding Author

Jianfei Hu


MOOC brings new opportunities for the reform of information literacy education of university libraries. Information literacy education in university libraries based on MOOC can not only make up for the shortages of traditional information literacy education, but also meet the new characteristics of reader’s learning needs, which is necessary and feasible. This paper gives the strategies information literacy promotion of university library readers under the background of MOOC, including launching MOOC of information literacy, implementing information literacy education embedded in MOOC and adopting MOOC form in training lecture to provide some references for the relevant researchers.


Information literacy, Information accomplishment, University library